Meaning Within The Means!

Updated: May 6



Relationships Are The Most Flamboyant Brain Teaser,

---Where Communication Is Key For Teamwork. 

Address Their Undercover Agendas 

---In Nook Compartment Of The Reckoning 

Before Tomorrow Weighs Down The House Scale.

---The Romantic Balancing Act Is A Tug

Of War Without Precious Spare Time. 

---Upsidedown Syllables Together Spoke

Hand Signals Which Native Earth Understood. 

---The Animal Kingdom Comprehends Each Others'

Body Language In Subsequence For Survival. 

"Anothers' Symbolic Messages Blow Us Off

Like Dandelions Scatter Against The Ashy Dust

Rumors Of Scandals Allthrough The Grapevine!" 

"Menacing Malicious Mockery Denigrates

Everyone Into A Shell Of Themselves!"

"Which Shallow Phony Opening Are They

Uttering From The Kisser Or Buttocks!"

"Say What Is Meant But Mean What Is Said"

Poetry Is Many Things Said At Once; Peel Off The Layers Of Fantasia's Hidden Meaning-Mythical World Detectives!

Mental Futuristic Time Warps Through The Uncharted Chronicles Of Dimensional Wormholes-Space Jumps

The Kinesthesia Twisted Vortex Of The Cerebral Zodiac Forces

Is The Eminent Illusionist Toying Those With

Deceitful Hoax Tricks Through Tombstone Haunted

Carousal Mirrors Of The Outer Otherside.

Newborn Poltergeists Are Ominously Curtail

To Nothing But Skinned Alive Flesh Fluttering Volar

Over Tour De, Force Majeure Inspirited Onlookers

Recycling Undead Dreams From On Total Hindsight.

Freelancing Astral Moonshine Phenomenons Taunt

The Living Realm-Island Villa Estate With Creepy Nocturnal

Unrest Nomadic, Irate Migraine Brainiac Tumors.

The Subtle Dreary Clunk Jangles Of Spooky Iron Bound

Manacles Hearkening The Plump Bust Bosom

Of Daunting Goddess Mastery Magnitude;

To Woo The Scented Aura Aroma, Stark Naked fiery Wildflower

Hedonistic Hourglass Enchantress Of Materialistic Bewilderment-

These Strung Out Drugs of Lewd Raunchy, Punitive Disciplines.

Upon The Don Dada Contessa Dominatrix, Arrival

The Brim Earth Waters Parted Opposite Ways

Sculpturing The Sadomasochistic Landscape

To Its Current Asexual Ritual Platform.

"Questions One's Motive Heart However Then

Nevermore Question Its Outward Bloody Ambition!"

"What Prime Poet Am I Am I That Premiere Poet!"

"What Poetry Is All Of This Is It Much More Than Sheer Poetry!"

"Only Foolish Taint Swine, Vain Moronic Hooligans

Would Hide Such Heavenly Groundbreaking Voice

Behind Harsh Hollywood-Heavymetal Autotune!"

"Reality Alters Like Spiritual Worship, An Upstage

Barrage Of So Many Interval Universes At Once!"

Looking At Who's Looking At You Through The Looking Glass

Smoke Clouds Is The Blinding Force

Fogs Every Which Way Except Ghetto Misfortune!

Swoosh, Goes The Magical Flying Hydra Serpent Then Poof!

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