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Imaginary Vocational Spots

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Paradise Lives In Another Paradox Universe Opposite Our Own.

---This Virtual Universe Vocation Eases The Soul To Dreaming Sleep.

Escape From The Rigors And Routine Of Poor Body Language.

---Customize And Taylor The Will To Live Outside Reality.

Dress Up In The Brass Armor Ready To Take The Throne

---As This Terrestrial Celestial Ultimately Out Of Sight To Behold.

Past Familiar Subservient Market Minions Are Now Footstools,

---My Private Property Is The Eccentric Cosmos Colony

Envision By Sheer Power Of Thought.

---Relax And Bask In Celebration Of

This Outsider's Technological Contraptions,

---Brings The Rain To A Dying Desert Flourishing

Grains And Fruits Uprooting The Toxicity All Out.

Breeze Through The Pictures Of Exotic Locations

And Unwind Within Each Ocular Illusion!

The Breathtaking Imaginative Music Festival

Flips On Its Head Rhythm And Harmonies.

The Stunning Beautiful Spectacular Shows

Time And Space In Real Chaotic Motion.

The Symbolic Music Describes Concepts

Within Radical Innovative Brilliant Ways.

Often At Times We Fail To Embrace Ourselves

When Looking At The Circus Mirror's Reflection.

The Enchanting Heavenly Melodies Will Have

Angels Falling Asleep In Undisturbed Peace.

The Wild Adventure Begins On Cloud Nine

Then Escalates Onto Heaven's Stairway Riser.

The Most Vocal Silhouettes Echo Throughout The Millenniums

Symbolizing Their Legacy Beyond All Of This!

"The Astronomical Universe Has Limitations

Set Only By Its Creator, However

The Crystal Ball In Poetic Minds Possess None!"

Dear, Homestead My Eyes Were Sobbing

---Due To Sundrops Reminiscence Of Our Farewells.

The Colossal Space Shuttles Wielded From Atomic Titanium

---Adduces This Indestructible Force Field Throughout Light-Years

Sojourning Under Cyber Genetic Somnolent Dormancy.

---Alien Beings Attribute To The Jets' Turbo Boosters

Cosmogonic Fossil Fuels Which After All

---Were Conceivably Construed With The Aid Of

The Most Prestige Bionic Intergalactic Architect Intellects.

---"The Vibrant Colorful Crescent Of Angelic Halos

Surrounding Saturn Took My Breath Away

---And Stole My Idol Tongue In Stunning Fashion!"

The Nerves Of Our Ecosystem Broke Open The Bottom

---Exhausting The Ocean Waters To The Core.

Metropolitan Acculturation Lineages Fell Beneath Each Other

---Circumventing Underworld Syndicate Denomination Layers

Of Dante's Unparalleled Inferno;

---However The Barren Planes Soon Rotted Lush Vegetation

Then Planetary Habitation Followed

---The Same Way Of Imminent Doom.

Ergo, The Transmogrify Causes Of Evolution Stages

---Showed Denaturalization, The Prodigy Anomalies

Cycles In Reverse; The Intrinsic Platypus Mammal Wunderkind

---Redeform To Both Primitive Counter Parts Metamorphism,

The Carnivorous Flytrap, Flesh-Eating Flower

---Was Composited Into Vegan Plant Food Compost,

The Behemoth Sky-Blue Open Sea Wales Recently

---Shrunk, Diminish Into Bite Size Minnow Guppies

And Everything Else Funnel Down The Abyss Of Extinction.

---Our Cognitive Will For Survival Combats Valiantly

The Final Holocaustic Killer Karma At Bay.

---Its Matterless Phantoms Brainwashing Alterations Intent

With Anesthetic Pestilence, Enchant Into Wondering Earlobes.

---"The Fleshlings Of My Flesh As Sustenance Hors D'oeuvre

Gobbled By The Federal Cannibalistic Cult Church Withering

---With Catastrophic Squeamishness From On Life Support!"

We Were Cornered Without Anything

---Except Some Optimists Took The Latter;

Ether Interstellar Deep Space

---Was The Only Means Of Discourse,

Remains Human-Beings Last Alternative.

---Sentimental Flashbacks Became The Driving Force

Momentarily Stalls The Engine Off Course

---Fate's Finish-Line Of Our Human Race.

Each Cryogenic Hyper-Blackout Hibernation Sleep Chamber

---Delineation Diagram Graphs Security Stabilizers

Prohibiting Any Wave Membrane Conscientiousness,

---We Channel Vague Occurrences As If Limboing

Inside Out Of This Undead State Without Acknowledgement.

---The Himalayan Torsos Levitates Suspended

In Timeless Animation And Ageless Physical Manifestation

---Thanks To Chemical Neurons Cellular Chameleon Compounds

Withstanding Bladder Bacteria Contagion.

---The Senses Network Connections Is Truly Remarkable

Instant Feedback Surging Throughout Electrical Currents

---Transforms Structural Coordination Flash Reflexes Twitches Lightning Quick.

Earth Will Be As Barren Like Any Other Desolate World By Disasters Of Natural Causes Unless Time Travel Is Possible!

Planet Mars

Supernatural Phenomenon Of The Extraterrestrial Abductions Preys On Fear Factors

So Crippling In Spirit; We Soon Become Outer Space Experimental Guinea Pigs!


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