Story Book Poetry By Sky Nguyen

Phenomenal Winter Wonderland Poetry! 

                       Winter Wine    

(Winter Storm)              
          In the means of a fallen autumn
The faint flare of the sallow sun shifted beneath

          The earth.
The glacial gale briskly blows away
          Warm air from its seasonal turf.
The musty scent of perished creatures
          Smeared across all asleep areas bury with Antarctic crust
As the wilderness quickly froze into a scarce musk.
          Darkness hid every source of prey from all carnivorous
Creatures in this ominous land below zero.
          Howling winds thrust frigid staffs of ice piercing through
The surface keener than a needle.
          Trees froze remorselessly in a ghastly array of shadows
As there bear branches swayed with the breeze in a creaking
          Sound that rattles.
The moon’s pale glare seemed to sloughed moon dust from it’s
          Weak wilting façade of aging stone.
The rising heaps of snow amounted to entomb me in the
          Lone insanity of my hollow home.
Stiff coldness ran frequently through the entangled
          Weaving of my veins.
My numb blanketed body stood a pause none differ
          From the statues that I claim.
Any warm thoughts would only propel me to the fiery pits
          Of hell.
In a sleepless quaking of tremors, I mourn for morning in
          This frozen tundra of a cell.
My eyes doze in a blue corpse stone cold,
          As my mind drifted into dream mode.


(Winter Dream)              
          I absorbed the crystalline spray of mist
Sparkling upon the sun’s ray.
          As I stood a distance from where
The shadows scattered astray,
          I saw such beauty that water my eyes
Like staring at the sun’s dazzling light.
          In enchantment I fawn forever in her heavenly sight.
Her milky white flesh glistened in the dark blemishing snow.
          Her rosy red cheeks bloom with every
Smile pumping the blood in my heart to flow.
          Her autumn gold hair uncloaked the worthlessness
Of the earth’s splendor.
          Her lips plumped with the fruits that ripen so lusciously tender.
Her violet gown glowed ghostly
          As if she was a saint rescuing me from the bitter cold
Trenches of my frozen tomb.
          Her savoring smile compelled me to ignore
The harsh chilling actuality of my doom.
          The purple pearls twinkling in her eyes
Gave great depth deeper than the oceans of where they were found.
          Her physique was delicately curved into the form of a Snow Angel,

Hovering in the midst of heaven’s bound.
          Her glands watered the prospering pores
That shed the petals of white roses.
          Her arms swayed swiftly like she was
Oscillating the love music that she so stunningly poses.
          Weary has I taunt my soul hide fearful to touch such radiant flower.
Curse it be my thoughts of stone and lips
          That rather flavor foolish fruits of sour.           
She suddenly sauntered toward the direction
          Of my wildest imagination leaving me mystified in my expression.
Dazed in the blissful dimension of my arousing

          She softly caressed her lips in favor of heated passion.

          In the bizarre barriers of this blistered blizzard I woke,
                                      Only to have my heart broke……




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