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Updated: May 28

Skydive Parachuting

The Genesis Of Our Quest: Fold The Uneasy Eyes Closed, Place 'Em In The Geeky

Pocket Protector, Settle The Shivering Paranoid Nerves Underneath The Dirt In Our Closet,

Then Now Plunge Skydive Down The Rabbit Hole Of The Sans Souci Wonderland!



Everyone Approves Their Own Opinion

Because Circumstances Show Favoritism.

Role Play With The Audience,

Inhabit Many Diverse Characters And Optical Orientations.

Profoundly Visualize The Bull's Eye Mark

And Marvel Conversations Will Surface From Those Affairs.

The Phases Of Our Lifestyle Is An Enigma:

An Artificial Intelligent Puzzling Database

That Adapts To Its Ever Changing Cultural Environment.

Present Strong Effort To Relate With Other Human Natures.

Then Justify The Term Talent Where The Rewards Boom Satisfaction.

Peer Into The Other Side, Witness A

Real Fantasy World Where The Invisible Is Seen!

This Short Spectacular Cinema Is Authentic As Human Eyes.

Sometimes Imagination Challenges Reality.

Language Can Not Communicate Supernatural Emotional Expression When The Mind Is Warp Beyond

The Beholder's Living Dimension.

Suggestions: Begin With Dreams, Showcase The Work,

Uncertain Fruit Offerings Become The Labor


1. The Sandman Stalks The Mentality

With Pleasantry Dreams Or Personal Nightmares.

The Graphic Conscious Coma Causes Memory To Erupt

As The Surreal Sights Record Dreamy Experiences

Haunted Within Our Means Of Existence.

The Total Essence Of Vivid Concentration

Holds Purpose Towards Enlightenment.

Yet The Primitive Era Dreamt Modern Futuristic Sightings.

Historical Paintings Were The Platform

For Contemporary Portals Of Humanistic Foresight.

So Much Missing From Enchanted Cycles Of Sleep,

Retrospection Loses Weight in Bewilderment,

Contemplating Shreds Of The World Atlas.

"Day Dreamers Became Worldclass Fortune Tellers Of Divine Destiny:

Knowing What Is Known Before Any Know So!"

Therefore, Most Of Time Thinking Is Without Awareness

And Our Poetic Methods Acquires Journal Records.

Construct Deep Personal Memoirs Of Daily Arrangements

Then Each Channeling Chapter Will Be Fulfilled.

The Oldies Have Too Many Epic

Story Experiences Untold, Buried Underneath.

Not Every Seminarian Ghost Writers Were Brought Public;

Hence Society Suffers Economical,

Inspirational,Influential, Groundbreaking Lost.

2. Once The Poetry Works Completion Now Attend To Oral Audience. Shyness Shoulders Intimidation Debilitating The Grand Results.

The Close Community Is A Blowout Party

Always Warm Invitations Wanting To Observe Pitches.

Converting Stubborn Strangers Into Evangelistic Poetic

Passionate Prophets Spreads Word Of Mouth To Legendary Statute.

Hidden Talent Is The Tendencies of Timid Story Tellers;

Flash Fantasy Fables For The Mundane Millions

Dire Nourishment Of Starving Minds.

Craft The Festive Feast With Imaginary Ingredients

So That The Friends Are Fed.

Host Your Creativity With Honor, The Recognition

Is Forever Recollected In Worldwide Digital Media.

"The Poet That Bites The Tongue, Bites The Dust!"

Anyone Which Tells Otherwise, Says Bitter White Lies!

Invoke Witnesses To The Fairy Tale Foot Prints

Created By Personality And Character.

"Writers Write To Become Better, However Still Waters Venture No Where." The Momentous Mountain Of Huddles At Glance Seems Impossible

Yet Steps Turn Into Walking And Then The Running, The Finish Line Awaits!

3. Now Poetry Prosperity Is For All That Labor The Landscape.

The Hollywood Eye Stalks Rare Talent For Game And Gain.

Morality Is A Supreme Guiding Force,

Resistance From The Foxy Fox Hole May Save The Day.

Not All Fruitful Rewards Uplifts The Spirit,

Instill Caution Because What The Impulsive Mind Wants

The Body Follows While Being The First To Suffer.

"Life's Unknown Taste Test Brings Fortune Or Folly Fast!"

Anyone Craves Social Royal Treatment

Then Supreme Success Comes With Some Risk.

Lyrically The Writing Battles Are Won From Relentless Work

Although The New War Of Words Seem Defeating.

Hold Dearly All Aspirations Wisdom Entails

By Uncommon Errant Judgement; Life Teaches Survival Skills

Immediately For The Impoverish Eighth Wonderment Of The World.

Take Chances On A Creativity Career

That Is The Calling Card Selecting Only A Few.

Some Shall Be More Successful Than Others

So What Remains Is The Impact Of The Mystery.

Surprise Anyone With Unspoken Imagination,

Set The Sails Directed To The Brightest Stars

And Move Every Close Encounter Emotionally;

"Heavenly Honey Hive May Be Protected By Poisonous Bees Stings

But The Wounds Heal Best Devouring The Sweet Nectar Of Life!"



Blowing Kisses

Blow Angelic Kisses Against The Wind And Wishes Onward!


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