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Updated: Oct 7, 2022



Our Monastery Concentration Boot-Camp Of

---Deeming Relic Reverie Is A Thinking Man's Statue;

Back And Forth Like Zoning Zombies

---Scavenging Solely Fresh Ideas.

The Acquaintance To Harbor Resentment

---Directed At Other Pinnacle Peers

Impacts The Stallions' Perilous Joust;

---Macho Testosterone Reindeer Antlers Show Contest

Quarrels The Primordial Pyramid Pecking Order;

---Their Woodstock Wildness Rapes

Anywhere These Outbacks-Down Under!

---The Bloodbath Colosseum Congregation

Beseech Vindication Hankering Profanities

---From On The Tips Of Their Lips.

Others' Rambling Scribble Scrabble

---Endorses Noontide Beheading Because

Nothing Translucent Is Meaningfully Understandable.

"Connoisseur Barbarians Cripple The Theatrical Progress;

Slits Our Wrist, Chokes Our Throat, Gouge Our Eyes Out

And Lastly Monsieur Death Pardons This Botch Buffoon!"

{Oppositions Within Intangible Walks Of Life-

Enlightenment Or Scientology}

Cultural Synagogues

Colorful Cultural Classes Lock Horns To Make A Harmonious Or Chaotic World Web Of Diversity!

"Unscripted Living Lightning In A Bottle-

Touches Of Static Eccentric Shock!"

Armed With This Ferocious Daydreaming Flame-Thrower

Not To Be Trifle With; Bloodshot Salty Critiques Jacks Up

The Bad Blood Pressure And The Boiling Point

Fumes With Distemper Outrageousness

Triggers Vicious Destructive Maniacal Feats

Of Unearthly Catastrophic Sadistic Eradication.

Peak Titan-Size Alter Egotistical Macrocosms Clash

Around The Megalopolis Warzone Mecca-Dome

Wiping Out Mom And Pop Shops Of Poetry Artifacts

Unfortunate From These Prophesied Moirai Premonitions

Of Atomic Radioactive Domino Chain Reactions.

Rational Mediators Logically Pioneer Peaceful Unbiased

Uncursed Mutual Terms Of Civilized Savoir Faire

Be Forth The Vandalized Victims Rummaging Mere Morsels

Of Esteem, Off Rotten Demoralized Delusions Of Grandeur.

"The Most Mindless Of Guinea Pigs Believe

These Whimsical Flatulent Wind Chimes

Chants Something So Extravagantly Ultra Holy!"

"Blood Workers Slave To Death The Unsalvageable Amazon

Reaping Season So That They May Have This Privilege

Entitlement As Sacred Eyewitnesses To The Overjoy Emperor

Savoring Amidst All The Rejoice Fruits Of Their Toil!"

The Bat-Blind Illuminati Nincompoops Deny

Their Own Wretched Voodoo Doo-Doo:

Taboo Gimmicks Of The Magicians Premiere Showcase,

This Endless Running Joke Of Silent Street Mimes,

The Brothel Nymph Whom Embraces

Everybody But Never Herself Worth!

"Rainbow Smoke Clouds Form The Tornado Storms

That Blinds Every Which Way Except Ghetto Misfortune!

A Lifetime Window Of Good Opportunity Is The Tempest Deceptive Tricks Of Father Sky's Weather Forecast!"

City Building

Swoosh, Swish, Swash, Shish, Sash, Scoop Goes The

Magical Flying Hydra Serpent Then Into Thin Air, Poof!

*The Lasting Impressions Of Indelible

Tour De Force Masterpieces Withstands

The Most Trying Outcome Of All Time!*

"While Our Story Book Ending Closes Down Another Fairytale Opens Up An Insightful Fresh Beginning!"

The Chosen Ones Behold The Sharpest Mental Tongues

Which Lash Out Catches The Most Enchanted Pixie Dust Fireflys

Secretly Hidden Off In Utopia's Netherworld Fantasy Islands Enclosures

That Wash Up On Midnight Moonlight: So Surreal Psychedelic Shores!

The Rare That Possess The Highest Intense Inner Poetic Drive

Find The Finest Fruit Offerings First;

Any Oscar Acclaim Legacy Novelties Are Constantly Reworkings

To Make Enhancements But The Human

Natural Talented Abilities Is Which Outshines The Most Uncommon.

When Shall The Creative Dry Spell Of Outcast Authorship

Encounter New Imaginative Brainwave Stimulation

From Tiny Bits Of Intellectual Scholarship Crumbs Scattered

Amongst Wastelands For Extremely Desperate Penmanship Scavengers! Every Good Idea Has An Uncertain Amount Of Lifetime Currency

Building Up Until The Writing Blocks Of Hades Toll

Comes To Collect Grim Reaper-Taurus Tax Of Unwritten Death!

"It Seem; The End Times Is Living In The Devil's Dream Pit!"

All Livestock Will Be Heir: To A Global Epidemic Nightmare!

Our Lives Keeps On Taking The Harshest Licking Until

Our Intimate Private Parts Are Expose For Public Damnation!!

("Good Character Honors And Values Aristocratic Prestige

Even Through Bittersweet World Ending Tribulation!")

Underworld White Noise Is The Banshees' Mating Call

Of Death That Drives All The Human Senses Wild

Into A Blackhole Dimension Of Nightmarish Delusions!

We Try So Hard To Gather Up All Sentimental Family Jewels

But At The Sametime Losing Our Marbles In The Madness!

Ecosystems Are On Brink Of Extinction

And World Power Authorities Brought Up

The Last Remaining Survival Resources,

When The Pandemic Dust Settles Who Will Be Left?

{The Real World Circus Media Still Seems To Put

A Spin Even Through Global Economic Collapse;

In The Stare Down Game With This Harlot Of Death,

Who Will Breakdown And Enter

Into Demented Madness Epilepsy Relapse!

What Everlasting Hellish Condemnation Is At Stake

For Those Who Are Spiritually Sleep Walking Wide Awake!

Do Not Live Lives Religiously Luke Warm Focus;

Utmost Cursed Out Of God's Mouth

Are Fed To The Black Plague Of Locus!}

"Would You Rather Be Majestic Allstar Hoopster

Above Ten Foot Standing Halo Or The Butt

Of Another Joke Bury Alive Six Feet Below Rock Bottom!"

The Constant Career Fork Between Highway Intersections,

Destroys Which Promising Craftsmanship Pathway?!

"Each Mountain Of Hurdles Seems Far Fetch

Unless Some Inner Demons Are Conquer"

(*The Truest Blood Gushing Ambitions

Keep Striving For Heavenly Riches Hidden

At The Very End Of Weatherproof Rainbows!*)

"The Media Maggots And Cockroach Critics

Nuclear Slander Bewilderingly Blows Away

Anybody's Iconic Good Name:

Scandalous Fictionalize Tabloids' Bombastic Bullets

Pierce Deepest Such Iconoclastic Unspoken Forms!"

Alien War

Nuclear Universal War Settles Creed Disputes Permanently However No One Won

The Brainsick Graveyard Of Numskulls Signify Nothing Or Obstruct The Doomsday Clock!


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