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Poetic Superhumans Lurk

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

"Beauty Bold And Brilliance, All In One Superb Sphinx!"

She Hulk

The Natural Laws Of Attraction Jaw Drops Upon Angelic Sights!

"The Quixotic Family Jewels Are Sweet Nothings

When Their Mating Calls Become Unanswered!"

The Days Show No Mercy Finishing The Endless Blows

---With The Grim Reapers' Mistress Spitting Acid Insults!

The Need To Belong Disfiguring Thinking Clarity

---Because Bloodshot Gangs Are Like

Werewolves Among Themselves In Distaste!

---Inhumane Soulless Hunters Scatter The Startled Herd

Conquering The Plush Fertile Land Beneath Them.

---"This Wicked Agenda Of City Serpents Exploit Mental Weakness;

The Con Artists' Great Grandfather Conducts

---Mozartic Symphony Orchestras Into Undress Suckers!"

Henceforth, Blindfolded Master Chiefs

---Coordinate Their Search Investigation Nowhere.

Remembrance! Glitz And Glam Sparkling Over

---Majestic Royalty, Masks Inner Most Ruthlessness.

Legislated Fantasy Freedom Is The Privileged Modernization

---Poison With Bitter Blood From Those Who Fell Before Civil Clout.

Policing Curiosity Frisks Hoodwinked Bystanders

---In Deprave Interrogation Snatching Solemn Bosom Souvenirs,

Presently Dangling As Heartbroken Trophy Ribbons

---Around The Nooky Monster's Mating Collar.

The Muses Of Unseasonal Speed Dating Prays With Both Hands

---On The Optics Just To Woo Adequate Estrange Lovers.    

Maybe They're Hostage Prisoners Of Abusive Harrowed Hanky Panky

---Shackled Midst Smutty Coquette Taskmasters' Oral Sex Metabolism.  Lucrative Lust Is Its Viral Entity Seducing

---Raw Exchanges From Venus Prostitutes. 

"Aphrodite The Adonis Mocker Of Truelove Taunts Grave Naves

---With Cashmere Dresses Of Provocative Body Bags!" 

Her Cursed Kisses Summons Hideous

---Facial Maggots On The Jagged Pores;   

"The Warm Opening From Out Her Wondrous Womb 

---Cemented The Coveting Doctrine Of Fellowship Divorce!"     

"Their Days Become Forever Lovesick

---Dreaming On A Bed Of Prick Weeping Willows!"

Therefore The Worldwide Writing On The Wall

---Was The Start For Revolutionize Symbolic Human Sexualities.

Unearth The Mystical Nether Realm

And See Gravity Defying Sights.

Cast A Side Human Logic And Conventional Reason. Surprises Of The Magical Performance

Has Us Speechless In Shocking Awe.

The Recording Is Genuine With No Special Effects.

Most Naive Eyes Will Encounter Sleepless Nights

Paranoid Of The Supernatural.


{"The Almighty Maple Trees Bleed

The Sap For Morning Dreamers"}

Transcendental Revelations Dream of Total Captivation;

---Prognosticators' Cockamamie Psychic Lottery

Is A Whirl Wind Tornado Vacuum

---Ultimately Depleting The Earth's Resources.

Share These Poetic Precious High Stakes With Each Other

---So That These Roaring Rivers Do Not Run Dry.

"The Only One Who Owns It All Soon Loses It Too!"

---Once Elderly Flesh Surrenders The Jaws' Cutting Edge Work Now Must Chew Their Food By The Hands Then.

---"Care For Your Own Whom Later Takes Care Of You!"

Astonishing As The Body Parts Are

---They Were Compose Within Our Servitude

So That The Sum Behaves As One.

---Any Of Its Losses Can Not Be Reattached

Their Living Scars Haunt Until Redetermine Suicide!

The Real Freakish Superheros Scatter

---Away From The Intoxicating Hollywood Limelight:

These Multidimensional Alien Necromancers Robust Aura ---Orbits Telestic Zeal And Maximum Voltage High Energy

Unleashing Eerie Paranoia Onslaught Turmoil

---Of Paranormal Telepathic Tormentors Enterprise.

"Dare Provoke; To Face The Overlord Basilisk,

---Sovereign Above All Warlock Bestiaries

Vexing With Enrage Rabies, So Hungers Fatty Flesh!"

---Worldpower Exposition All Its Imperial Might

Through Absolute Empyrean Empire Domination.

---These Wild Ravaging Bloodhounds

Lest Not Douse In Domestication Yet.

---"Admiration Comes From A Place Of Envy!"

"We Feed On Food Venom That Eats Away At Us!"

"Villagers Celebrate Colorful Human Ashes Of Pixie Dust!"

Colorful Celebration

Break The Metaphoric Bread With The Aesthetic

Populace Influence Their Festive Harvest Gathering!


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