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                 Food For Thought

                                           Sky Nguyen

Writing is like culinary artistry, to make an exquisite recipe it takes many ingredients and a sense for some kind of creativity. To even begin someone must first find reading material. The things that we read will influence our opinions on anything we participate in. 

Therefore Words are batter to the pastry and reading helps us search for what is required. So many choices how does someone decide the right sentence structure, ideas, concepts, terms, messages, slang and so on.  Poetry has infinite meaning because it changes over the course of human history. In the beginning motions were metaphors because no one spoke but sounds came out. How has a kiss became metaphoric expression of love, interest, passion, fondness, motivation, drive and Et cetera. 

First: Lets start on topic; there are lots of themes to choose from Romance, Horror, Tragedy, Comedy, Family Affairs, Dramas, Action, Adventure and Fantasy. When starting to construct great literature develop a clarity in vision and with our best efforts focus on the task at hand. Determination is a unique device to enlighten our minds and stretch our imagination beyond its limitation because when something special is desired enough, it could be within our grasp. 

Next: Discover what our interests are at its heart, it will give us more incentive to accomplish our own Masterpiece Performance. The key is the act to finish a production even when it seems far fetch-lost from reality. Meditation is a skilled technique witnessing it unfold in our 'Wide Eyed' Thoughts becomes a fantasy world of seamlessly rich endeavors. "Almost anything that is conceptualize; should be made live fiction." The distance marathon writing profession requires stamina with intolerable patience and laser-like craftsmanship.


Then: Organize what is spoken on paper, for words are many pieces of the puzzle. The more that is written, the sharper the detail will be in our paintings. Our cultural colours splattered against the world's canvas is what draws out Mother Nature's true beauty. "Observe any life form and function, it thrives on the uniqueness from its Creator". "Penmanship dictates imaginary casts for our own Phantom Reality!" Logic & Sense is the main basic thesis that will net attention with majority audiences. Question classic tradition & original national culture: set a new unprecedented means of doing things by any way possible. 

Lastly: "Poetic Changelings" will determine the scope of our success because in the Springs of Poetry there are dry-spells. "Like vermin, vast amount of difficulties and Septic Bookworm Critics crawl out, from their own dirt of the earth!" These underworld beings live to tear down each chance; but someone may prosper in Fortune's frugality. "The Untimely Tabloids of the Scorpions' tongues stings-Dead Venom: Livings' harshest torture to endure!" There are only a few memoirs standing against the war of time, an epic gauntlet until its end. Discouragement is a common outcome reminds mortality and vulnerability. Our Listeners are the bodies we share these personal feelings with. Target anyone's walk of life; choose whomever wisely with footnotes, templates and study. These novel goals are at our disposal reform the timeless designs of Destiny! 

The End:"(State of the Art Development) brings out Unconditional Serenity: paramount to my inner-most best works!" "Wow! What Imaginative Poetry: that enough of the World believes this real then becomes truth-transforms Law!"                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                   Copyright 2018

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