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Imaginative Poems:

   World's Greatest Wedding Love Poetry of All Time!


Here Ye! Here Ye!

         The lining of the diamond stars are precise.

The seasonal fruitful harvests

          Have mellowed so delectably ripe.

As the two angelic earthly mates embodied as one

          So did the concurrent moon and sun.

The joyous days are here at last.

          The lonesome barricade

between the two has been cast.

          Mother Nature vaunt verbally

About their happily ever after fairytale.

          To all the unseen glory of their festive felicity

Will soon be unveiled.

          Every solar system

Evolves around this one

          Singular miraculous mecca event.

God’s sacred immortal wedding chapel

          Has already graciously been lent.

The angels resonantly trumpeted the forecast

          Of their spousal stage of alliance vouched vow.

The appraise amour-propre of matrimony

          Is flattery unto their hearts,

leaving every course of life

          Caught within its here and now.

The hatching of their happiness

          Will soon be witnessed upon everyone’s eyes.

The committed soul mates

          Will reach new boundaries of their lives.

She the princess of peace

          And he the rebel of righteousness

Will someday be distinguished as king and queen.

          The angels observed their love story

In disbelief of the unattainable dramatics

          Of those by all means only dreamt in a dream.

After the celestial ceremony

          The two unblemished purest forms

Of virginal genitalia will beautifully

          Dovetail within one another.

Love will be the foremost part

          In the magnum opus wedding play

Of the two most consequential lovers.



Our oneness is as a spring shower on a sunny day.

          The fusion of colorful bent light

Shown between the storm and when it goes away.

          The Desert covered with

A crystalline blanket of snow.

          The cold and hot air

That forms the eye of a tornado.

          You are as the bud of a white rose

And I am as the thorns that protect it.

          We merge as one to transform

Into a newlywed complete spirit.

          I swear : I must have seen the Mona Lisa

The way the flowery scenery frames your beauty.

          I vow : I won’t even visit

The most beauteous facilities In heaven,

          Because being in your presence

Is so much lovelier to me. 

          I vow : As rare as a shooting star is to be seen

Of all the oysters in the ocean

          You are the only one with a pearl.

I vow : My life is as a moon

          Always orbiting around your world.

I vow : The earth and the heavens may come to pass,

          But the constellation of stars

Will always show an image of you.

          I vow : Just as the scriptures in the Bible

I will be undeniably true.

          I vow : I can not love you through sickness

For your love healed my heart eternally healthy.

          I vow : I no longer need to be on the road

To riches now that we’re family,

          I am overwhelmingly wealthy.

I vow : Like the expected awakening shine

          Of a sunrise,

I too will always be there.

          I vow : From an infant onto an elder

For you my life has been prepared.

          I vow : Now that I relish,

The embellished gushing sapor    

          Of your finely simmered fruitful wine

I would bite my tongue tasting anything less.

          I vow : Your eyes are as if peering

Into a crystal ball, I can see my future

          With you is more than bless.

I vow : The timeless treasure 

          Of your kind hearted interior

Will forever outshine your most ideal exterior.

          I vow : Staring deeply into your very own

Cosmic, star clustering, solar eyes

          Actual Space shall seem idly inferior.  

I vow : The striving ripples riding along

          My heart’s bloodstream pumps

Only for your happiness.

          I vow : I am more than madly in love with you

                   No mere mortal has been this obsessed! 

With our special sealing kiss, heaven                      

Was interpret in the language of love.

Together forever is not long enough

For the kind of kinship of two turtledoves…​   

                                                                         COPYRIGHT 2018

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